Stella Maris

We have launched a new cruise in the Galapagos Islands, and it has become the best one . We are proud to introduce you the new Luxurious Stella Maris Galapagos Cruise. This cruise accommodates 14 passengers in the most comfortable …

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A Trip Around The World that Finishes in Ecuador

Have you ever consider to make a trip around the world? Well EqTouring knew a family that did. The mom and her three children went all around the world for a year learning culture, languages, and different lifestyles. Each of …

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5 Reasons to Visit Ecuador

“Vivir Ecuador” has published 5 main reasons to visit Ecuador. They gathered the most important facts and interests and put them together in this 5 reasons list. Why they did this? To explain tourists and interested people why Ecuador is …

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Ecuador Advertising Video

This video is now spreading around Ecuador TV as an advertisement of the beautiful country. If you want to travel to this country known as a hidden treasure don’t doubt in contact us. If you want to book a Cruise …

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Love Life in Ecuador

Book Galapagos Cruises, Amazon Tours, Cultural Trips and learn how to love life with Ecuadorian wonders.

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Galapagos, the First Place you Have to Visit Before you Die

The American “USA Today” New’s performed a poll between its audience to choose the 10 destinations one must visit before die. Galapagos not only made it to the ten chosen but also got to the first place between all the …

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The Galapagos Islands were declared an “Irreplaceable Biodiversity Reserve”

A group of international scientists  evaluated about 173 ooo reserves around the world which contain 21 500 species. From them they declared 78 of them a “Irreplaceable” because of their importance for the survivor of threatened species of mammals, birds and amphibians. The …

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Relaxing and Healing in the Ecuadorian Andes

Travel through the spectacular Andes while cleaning your spirit and purifying your mind.  This tour lasts 6 revitalizing days. It begins with an invigorated city tour in the old and new city of Quito, the next day it continues into the …

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10 Interesting Facts About Ecuador

1. Ecuador is the second smaller country in South America. In fact is about the same area of Nevada (US state) 2. Ecuador has 22 provinces, each one with a capital. 3. Quito, Ecuador’s capital, and Cuenca, the third bigger …

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Holiday Season’s Gift

Holiday Season’s Gift For these holidays, EQ Touring and Exclusive destinations are offering a fantastic discount for anyone planning an unforgettable vacation. Any Galapagos’s cruise directly booked before January 1st 2014; would be 10% off! Come and visit one of the …

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