Eruption of Cotopaxi Volcano

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Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world with 5,987 m (19,600 ft) of altitude. It is located in the Ecuadorian Andes in a province that has its same name. Its magnificent presence and unique wildlife in such diverse eco-systems makes this volcano one of the main attractions of Ecuador. 

Surprisingly, Cotopaxi erupted after 70 years on august 14th, trowing two miles long of ash into the air. This has created immediate action by the authorities and our team at the office, many close villages have been evacuated and Quito is now in yellow alert. Seismic activities followed with small eruptions, but there is no signs of a  major eruption in the near future. We recommend that people in Quito and close to the volcano, be careful and prepared.

Above exclusive pictures about the event.

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