Queen Beatriz

The Queen Beatriz, a luxury modern catamaran, is a premium option  for cruising the Galapagos . It includes a 4 person Jacuzzi, a large dining area, spacious relaxing places and both outdoor and indoor dining area. There are 3 types of cabins:
4 Deluxe Cabins (private balcony)
1 Suite (double)
3 Standard Cabins
All cabins are outside cabins on the upper decks (Deluxe cabins on the main deck) with air conditioning and en suite bathrooms with hot water.

Charter the Queen Beatriz is perfect to enjoy the Galapagos islands because of its comfort, speed and warm decoration  interiors along with a bilingual category III Naturalist guides.

beatriz2 beatriz4 beatriz8 queen_beatriz_luxusyacht_1 Queen-Beatriz-Luxury-Class_clip_image002_0007 quuenbeatriz_4 quuenbeatriz_9 quuenbeatriz_11

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