Galapagos Trip 3rd Day Experience

Exclusive destinations gave last year a unique gift to two of its workers: A trip to the Galapagos Islands. This Christmas I went to the enchanted islands to live a one in a life experience. I began telling the story of the trip in the previews post with exclusive pictures and here is the continuation.


The third day we went to Plaza Island, an island full of treasures form the begging to end. To get there, we made a boat trip as we had done the day before in the same boat. Just as we arrived at the island a baby sea lion was waiting for us in the stairs. While we began walking, he followed trying to get our attention and posing for the pictures. A really cute baby, but not the only one. The island was full of baby sea lions along the cost with just a few mothers sea lions. As the guide explained, most of the mothers went looking for food while some stayed to babysit.


As we walked through the Island we found enormous cliffs with an amazing view of the ocean. The black volcanic rocks contrasted with the blue of the crystalline water, while some smaller islands where seen across.






After the tour we ate lunch in the boat, and afterwards we snorkeled in the shores of a cliffs in a nearby island. It was peacefully and we got to see beautiful and colorful fishes. While we swam we saw a sea lion beneath us catching its meal and small sharks who swam with us.

Read our next post to learn about the 4th day with exclusive pictures. Visit our web page and learn about the exclusive Galapagos Cruises we offer.

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