Eq Touring


Eq Touring is the 3rd best tour operator of Ecuador! We are climbing for the number one! Help us with reviews in tripadvisor and don’t doubt to contact us for a free quote. Eq touring company offers the best Galapagos …

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A Trip Around The World that Finishes in Ecuador


Have you ever consider to make a trip around the world? Well EqTouring knew a family that did. The mom and her three children went all around the world for a year learning culture, languages, and different lifestyles. Each of …

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Ecuador: #1 Green Destination of the Year


Ecuador won the award of “Green Destination of the Year”. This beautiful country was the best among other respectable destinations such as Brazil with its richness in mangrove, the archipelago of the Fiji Islands with its gigantic coral reefs and Trinidad …

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The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador’s Video by EqTouring

We are thrilled to share with you our first professional production about Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands! As you know this is a unique destination that has it all in one country: the rich Amazon, the amazing Andes, and the extraordinary Galapagos …

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“All You Need is Love, All You Need is Ecuador”


“All you need is Ecuador” is a creative campaign that promotes tourism in Ecuador. It was just launch on April 1st 2014 in 19 different cities around the world. For this campaign the ministry of tourism bought the licence of …

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5 Reasons to Visit Ecuador


“Vivir Ecuador” has published 5 main reasons to visit Ecuador. They gathered the most important facts and interests and put them together in this 5 reasons list. Why they did this? To explain tourists and interested people why Ecuador is …

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Ecuador Advertising Video

This video is now spreading around Ecuador TV as an advertisement of the beautiful country. If you want to travel to this country known as a hidden treasure don’t doubt in contact us. If you want to book a Cruise …

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Starting Our Film Production


We just started a new project to complement our blog, web pages, Facebook and mobile app (coming soon) with new exclusive pictures from Ecuador. We took a filming crew and professional photographers all around Ecuador for them to capture the beauty …

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Love Life in Ecuador

Book Galapagos Cruises, Amazon Tours, Cultural Trips and learn how to love life with Ecuadorian wonders.

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The Optimal Way of Visiting the Galapagos


The Galapagos Islands is a destination that has a lot to offer because of its unique biodiversity. It is this land that helped Charles Darwin to develop his Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection. Darwin, watching the differences of the …

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