Galapagos Trip

EqTouring encourages its employees to visit the places we, so enthusiastically, sell. It is important for our employees to know what they are offering to our clients, not only by theory but by experience. For this reason, the company sent two important employees, one of them me,  to spend Christmas in one of the most exotic destinations: the Galapagos Islands. I have gone there three times now, and every time has been magical in its own way.  Since the Galapagos offers a bast of things to do, each time I have gone I went to different places, islands, and done different activities.

I arrived on December 24, 2014 to Baltra’s airport. Our flight got delayed but we arrived to see a wonderful sunset in a calm ocean. Our hotel was located at Santa Cruz Island so we cross from Baltra to Santa Cruz in a small boat while we enjoyed the view. Here a couple of pictures for you to have an image of the pleasant moment.



IMG_7028 (1)

We had a wonderful dinner with such delicious food! There was from meat, to sushi, to lobster. A satisfactory and delightful diner.

The next day we had our first trip and went to “Seymour Norte”. To get there we had a boat trip of about 1 hour and a half. Seymour is a really small but rich island. We got to see iguanas, blue foot boobies, baby sea lions, the Palo Santo tree, the cactus tree, lizards, etc. After, we went to enjoy a beach in a nearby island and snorkel in its water. We got to see a marine turtle while snorkeling!











This was the beginning of an unforgettable trip. I will share the next days in the next post with its exclusive pictures.

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