Pope Francis In Ecuador

One of the most popular Catholic Popes in the last century, Francis, visited Ecuador on July 5, 2015 as part of his Latin American tour. Ecuadorian people warmly welcomed him in masses. As always, Francis had a lot of wise words to say to the Ecuadorian folks. Because of differences the people and the government have had, Francis recommended dialogue and understanding to obtain a better future.

Many received his words and speech gratefully. An indigenous girl approached Francis and thanked him for his previous words in his encyclical where he called to protect our planet from environmental degradation and charged against the current economic system that exploits natural resources without ethical or moral considerations. Such words had a huge impact all around the world including Ecuador, since the country is full of national parks, habitats, fauna, and flora.

Pope Francis celebrated a Mass in the Samanes Park in Guayaquil on Monday 6, where thousands of people waited for him. On Tuesday, he celebrated a Mass on Quito in where 1.2 million if people went. On Wednesday, Francis left to continue his tour around South America with huge success.

As said before, Francis has gain popularity it his few years at papacy and people now expect much more from him in the future. As the indigenous girl, we want to thank Francis for his concern in nature which have make people take the issue seriously.

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