“Galapagos With EQ”

By Brigitte K. – Kelowna on April 27, 2014

From idea to reality, EQ touring was there every step of the way. Andres was there answering our every question, clarifying regularly to ensure we were on the same track.
When planning a Galapagos trip, there are soooooo many options, initially overwhelming, Andres was fabulous at asking us the right questions providing suggestions to ensure we had the trip of a lifetime.
Communication with EQ touring was always prompt, e-mails were responded to in a very timely manner. Payment options very secure.
With EQ touring you can travel in Luxury or basic, they are interested in providing you with EXACTLY what you want, they do not attempt to up sell you. If you think something is too pricey it’s because you have indicated a certain style you prefer, you must be willing to pay for that style.
Best of all they are located in Quito, they know what they are talking about. I knew that if there was a problem (which we did NOT encounter), they would be able to resolve it quickly.

The Galapagos Cruise we choose was LA PINTA. The hotel we stayed at was LA PARC, these both worked perfect for us on so many levels, couldn’t imagine choosing any differently.

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