Coral II - Galapagos Motor Yacht

Coral IIThe Coral 2 is a spacious motor yacht. Built in Holland and handsomely designed, it gives your Galapagos tour an exclusive and unique touch. The entire interior is made of teak wood and fully carpeted. The Coral 2 has eleven cabins located on two decks (2 cabins with single upper and lower berths, 6 cabins with lower double and upper single berths, 2 superior cabins on the upper deck with double beds). Each cabin has its own full private bath and is handsomely decorated with wooden fixtures.

The dining room and lounge demonstrate a refined taste. The yacht has three sun decks, one open, one entirely shaded for outside dining, and one partially-shaded. Equipped with all the standards you would expect from a high-class yacht, the Coral 2 is a reccommended luxury yacht cruising the Galapagos Islands and it is ideal for a private charter for your group travel or family vacation.

3 NIGHTS / 4 DAYS (Itinerary A)

Day Itinerary
Sun am: Baltra Airport
pm: Highlands (Santa Cruz)
Mon am: Santa Fé SN, DR, KY
pm: South Plaza (Plazas)
Tue am: Rábida SN, DR, KY
pm: Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz) SN
Wed am: North Seymour and Baltra Airport

SN: Snorkeling KY: Kayak DR: Dinghy ride

4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS (Itinerary B)

Day Itinerary
Wed am: Baltra airport
pm: Ballena Bay & Edén Islet (Santa Cruz) SN, DR, KY
Thu am: The Wetlands, Muro de las Lágrimas, Breeding Center in Villamil Port (Isabela)
pm: Sierra Negra Volcano (Isabela)
Fri am: Moreno Point (Isabela) SN, DR
pm: Elizabeth Bay (Isabela) DR
Sat am: Tagus Cove (Fernandina) SN, DR, KY
pm: Espinosa Point (Fernandina) SN
Sun am: Baltra airport

SN: Snorkeling KY: Kayak DR: Dinghy ride

3 NIGHTS / 4 DAYS (Itinerary C)

Day Itinerary
Sun am: Baltra Airport
pm: Charles Darwin Research Station (Santa Cruz)
Mon am: Cormorant Point, Champion/Devil's Crown (Floreana) SN, DR
pm: Post Office (Floreana) SN
Tue am: Gardner Bay, Gardner & Osborn Islets (Española) SN, KY
pm: Suárez Point (Española)
Wed am: Interpretation Center & Tijeretas (San Cristóbal) and San Cristóbal Airport

SN: Snorkeling KY: Kayak DR: Dinghy ride

4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS (Itinerary D)

Day Itinerary
Wed am: San Cristóbal airport
pm: Cerro Colorado Tortoise Reserve (San Cristóbal)
Thu am: Cerro Brujo (San Cristóbal) SN, DR, KY
pm: Pitt Point & Islet (San Cristóbal) SN, DR, KY
Fri am: Espumilla Beach & Buccaneer Cove (Santiago) SN, DR, KY
pm: Egas Port (Santiago) SN
Sat am: Bartolomé SN, DR
pm: Sullivan Bay (Santiago) SN
Sun am: Charles Darwin Research Station (Santa Cruz) andBaltra airport

SN: Snorkeling KY: Kayak DR: Dinghy ride


  • 14 Nights / 15 Days (A+B+C+D)
  • 10 Nights / 11 Days (A+B+C)
  • 11 Nights / 12 Days (B+C+D)
  • 7 Nights / 8 Days (A+B)
  • 7 Nights / 8 Days (C+D)


Cabin Category
3 Nights/4 Days 4 Nights / 5 Days 7 Nights / 8 Days
Standard Plus

Moon Deck

Sky Deck

Earth Deck

Sea Deck


  • First Class (Mid-Range Cruise)
  • 20 Passengers
  • 11 cabins each with private bath and hot shower
On board:
  • spacious sun deck, buffet area, 2 separate social areas with a well stocked bar, TV and VCR room, stereo, and ice makers
  • Captain, chef, sailors, and 2 naturalist guides
  • 14-17 knots
  • 118 ft. (36m)


  • Air Ticket to be issued by KT: $430 per adult, $290 per child under 12. Tickets are confirmed together with cruise (price subsidized by KT). It is mandatory that all passengers use KT flights to guarantee passenger dingy ride and luggage transfer from airport to port and to ship, crew shifts, fresh cargo for cruise and to compliance with formalities before embarking to Galapagos. KT is not responsible if passengers use other flight schedules and miss the cruise or other services.
  • Shuttle service: $10 one way to / from designated hotels and the airport. This fee is automatically confirmed with the cruise and is mandatory for all passengers to provide them first-hand information and travel documents (KT welcome kit, cruise vouchers and Ingala Control Card), or to deliver the package to the hotels, as well as to speed up the check-in process and to make it smoother, from the hotel to the airport and through the different counters, reducing time and queuing at the airports, improving logistics, customer satisfaction and avoiding environmental pollution. KT is not responsible if passengers use other transfers and miss the flight or other services..
  • Cruise fuel surcharge: $ 90 for 3 or 4 night cruises, $ 180 x 7-10-11 nights, $ 360 x 14 nights.
  • Control Card: $ 20
  • Entrance fee to Galapagos: $ 100 adult, $ 50 children under 12. Paid directly by the passenger upon arrival in Galapagos (cash only) or invoiced and prepaid by KT under request.
  • Travel insurance, medical services and others not specified.
  • Tips & personal expenses. Suggested per day per person $ 15 for crew / $ 10 for guide.

Optional on board plus VAT

(net per person in US$ subject to change):

  • Wet suits rental: 3 or 4 night cruises $ 25, $ 50 x 7-10-10 nights, 75 x 14 nights.
  • Kayak rental: each use per person $ 30. Internet: 10 min $ 32.
  • Alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages.


  • High season: Jan 01 - Jan 07 / Eastern Apr 13-24 / May 14 - Aug 31 / Oct and November / Dec 16 - 31
  • Low season: Jan 08 - May 13 (except for Eastern Apr 13-24) / Sep 01 - Sep 30 / Dec 01 - Dec 15

Groups discounts and supplements

(net per person in US$ subject to change):

  • Single supplement: 50% in low season, 75% in high season. Limited cabins.
  • Triple accommodation and children under 12: 50% discount for one child sharing a triple cabin with 2-full fare paying guests, 25% discount for one child sharing double with 1 full-fare paying guest. 25% discount for one adult sharing a triple cabin with 2 full-fare paying guests.
  • Double shared accommodation: For adults, in low season and subject to availability, wave the single supplement on Standard Plus cabins on board.
  • Tour Leader: One TL per group of more than 15 full-fare adult fare. Sharing standard cabin. Not included: Air ticket, taxes, fuel surcharges from $ 300.
  • Net cruise cabin upgrade supplements per night per person (Groups & Half charters): Junior Cabin / Junior Suite $ 95, Legend Suite $ 175, Balcony Suite $ 250, Balcony Suite Plus $ 300.