Your contract is with Expediciones y Turismo EQT Cia.Ltda., Trading as EQ Touring here in after called EQT. You the client are subject to the following conditions, and are deemed to read and understood the following.

To confirm your reservation, a 30% deposit of the total tour price is required, and the balance will be paid 60 days prior departure. Your deposit can be made in our bank account in the United States or you can make a wire transfer to our account in Ecuador. (Notice that a bank fee will be charged in case of wire transfer). Cancellations received at anytime after the payment is received are subject to forfeiture of 100% of the payment amount. “No-shows” for any reason are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. These conditions are strictly enforced

CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits plus any other charges imposed by our suppliers at the time of cancellation will be forfeited if cancellations are made by passengers(s) after the initial deposits are received and reservations are processed. Exclusive Destinations Inc. and EQ TOURING must receive all cancelations in writing in a separate letter attached to an email, with a proper signature and documents that explain the reason of such cancelation. Cancellation charges are:

• 120 + days prior, 15% of total invoice
• 120 - 91 days prior to departure, 25% of total invoice
• 90 or less days prior to departure, 100% of total invoice

In addition to the above, you will be liable for any non-refundable deposits paid to suppliers on your behalf. There is no refund for partially completed tour or unused services of any kind and Exclusive Destinations / EQ Touring reserves the right to use the unused or cancelled spaces at our discretion and convenience.

Please note that we need to have all your personal information and final itinerary approved 60 days before your arrival. Any new changes to your itinerary within this period will have a service charge of $250.00 per person.


a) Alterations.

EQT reserves the right at any time to make changes to your trip arrangements (including flights, transport, hotels or other services). Such changes are often minor, but if not we will advise you or your travel agent prior departure.

b) Cancellations.

Some of our tours are based on groups arrangements involving a minimum number of Passengers. If this minimum number is not reached we reserve the right to cancel the departure and offer and alternative date or a refund of all moneys paid by you. Such cancellation will not take place 30 days before departure, and EQT accepts no liability for compensations beyond this full refund.

Apart from these group departures, we will not cancel a tour for reasons within our control after you have made final payment of the balance. We may be forced to cancel a Trip for reasons beyond our control (fuerza mayor). For the purposes of this contract we define “fuerza mayor” as war or threat of war, civil action, riots, strikes, insurrections, decisions by governments, natural disasters, bad weather, changes of schedules of airlines, or similar circumstances beyond our control.

In such cases EQT will inform agents and clients who have booked directly without delay and will offer an alternative tour or comparable standard, if available, or a prompt refund of all moneys paid. EQT accepts no liability of compensation beyond this full refund. If any of the causes for cancellation or amendments occurs after the tour has begun, we reserve the right to allow or guides or associates to alter the itinerary and accommodation on your behalf, and where these amendments are made as result of “fuerza mayor”, (defined above), no compensation will be paid.

The price on a tour may be varied at any time before we have accepted your booking. After we have confirmed the booking to you, so long as the itinerary does not alter, we will be bound unconditionally by this price.

All maters concerning the booking shall be subjected to Ecuadorian law.

It is the responsibility of every traveler that he/she is adequately insured against personal accidents and medical expenses during his/her trip to Ecuador, as well as having travel, trip cancellation and baggage insurance to protect your travel investment.

You must ensure that all your travel documents, passport, visas, vaccination certificates, currency and traveler’s checks, are in order. EQT is able to give general advice on these matters, but can not be held responsible for any information not stated in writing as indicated. Please let us know if you request special diet or facilities for disabled. EQT reserves the right to charge for all out of pocket expenses incurred, in complying with clients needs.

It must be made absolutely clear that all baggage and personal belongings are carried at the owner’s risk. We are not responsible for damaged, delayed or lost baggage for any reason. We highly recommend the purchase of travel, trip cancellation and baggage insurance. Baggage can and get lost or delayed and the airline coverage in the event of a loss or delay is not comprehensive.

We also recommend considering this in order to arrive to Ecuador with an extra day before your cruise in the Galapagos starts.

Please bring all diving logs and any documentation showing proof of all open water dives. The Dive-master on the vessel will evaluate the passengers' diving performance and at his discretion decide whether a passenger can dive at a specific dive site. Galapagos diving is for very experienced divers only, due to the strong currents, surges and cold waters.

All passengers are recommended to consult their personal physician for any personal vaccination recommendations. Alternatively, the official government authority is:
Tel: (404) 639-3311