Family tours are not uncommon in the Galapagos Islands and this few ships are the ones that will have special family promotions and different ways and alternatives to accommodates families in order to attract young visitors. Although the Galapagos Vacation is more meaningful for people who can understand the evolutionary dynamics of island biogeography, students of all ages can learn very important lessons from a Galapagos tour. Other families will be present with playmates for your children, and the guides on board will have experience with young visitors.

We organize charters in the Galapagos Islands in any of the ships, vessels, catamarans and yachts listed in this website for your private interests or for a company corporate cruise. Our charter services range from ship sourcing and contract negotiation all the way through to on-site program delivery if desired. We excel at custom itinerary planning based on your program objectives, and are equally at home with everything from an intimate 8-cabin charter for an anniversary celebration – to a ship of 50 cabins or several yachts. To provide auxiliary housing for city-wide events.