This special tour gives us the opportunity to discover Ecuador in one of the most fascinating ways, .... by horse. You can reach places and see things that you don't normally do, as well as discovering the beautiful Haciendas in which we stay and sightseeing in the enchanted valleys that we go through. Enjoy horseback riding with us as much as we enjoy sharing our country with you.

Cayambe Valley.

Early departure from your hotel where you will be picked up by your local bilingual guide who will drive you through the Pan-American Highway also called the avenue of the volcanoes for the great view of several volcanoes you have while driving. You will then arrive to Hacienda Hualilagua, which is an old colonial hacienda still owned by the family who built it back in the sixteen hundreds. The Hacienda is well located in the Andes and the horses they own are well known for riding in these areas. You will have a ride from 2 to 3 hours in the paramos of the Andes passing through small villages and watching the beautiful landscape of this area. You will also see the locals working in their fields and cultivating the land with local products.

We stay at a fine Hacienda.

We depart on our horses in the morning and head towards the local town of Tupigachi which lies in the Cayambe valley. We ride along the old train tracks and until we reach some of the private haciendas with their cultivations and rose plantations; one of which we will visit. We find a delightful place to rest and relax while we enjoy the gorgeous views of the Andean mountains. After this 4 hour ride we return to the Hacienda and then drive back to Quito.

 Imbabura Province and Otavalo.

We pick you up at the hotel and drive northwards to the Imbabura province home of one of the oldest ancient Indian tribes (Otavaleños). Our destination is Pinsaqui, a fantastic old hacienda, where our horses are waiting for our first ride in the valley. We are going to pass through beautiful Indian villages where we can see the Indian people wearing their traditional costumes. We will enjoy unforgettable sights of the Andean mountains and active volcanoes, together with discovering the typical vegetation of these valleys, such as agaves, bromeliads, pine trees and eucalyptus forests.

At the end of the afternoon we return to the Hacienda.

Today we go early in the morning to Otavalo Indian market. This is the most popular and famous market in South America, noted for its exhibition of handicrafts and the local culture. We spend about one hour here, to enable you to shop or just walk around trying to get some interesting photographs of the people. After we have enjoyed negotiating prices with the locals, we will depart to get on our horses and start another adventure with them; discovering people from a different community and the lake of San Pablo, riding at the foot of the Imbabura volcano. In the afternoon we go to Hacienda Cusin, a very old hacienda near the lake which was built in 1602.

After having a good rest at the hacienda, we are ready to get on our saddles and start another day on horseback. We head up towards the Imbabura volcano, passing through beautiful eucalyptus forests until we reach an altitude above 3.000 meters. We will enjoy wonderful views of the patch fields and local people engaged in their production of potatoes, corn and wheat. We return to our hacienda before driving back to Quito.