Te Amazon region in Ecuador also called The Oriente by the locals is a very big area of rainforest located east of the Andes and makes close to half of Ecuador’s geographical area with only 5% of the country’s population.

The wild landscape and indigenous people of the Oriente were undisturbed for centuries until 1542 when one of the main Spanish conquistadors embarked in his ambitious expedition in search of the Inca’s gold “El Dorado”. The legend of the Inca’s gold hidden city has brought countless explorers only to come back empty handed if they ever came back.

Nowadays, the Oriente brings the attention of many explorers who want to discover the beauty of the Amazon rain forest, beauty combined with wildlife spotting and cultural experiences. We have chosen the most reliable lodges that offer great accommodation while interesting itineraries where our explorers can enjoy escorted guided expeditions and soft adventure travel experiences, needles to mention that your exploration can also be in one of our featured Amazon cruises available for individuals and charters.